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the Choir

The main feature that gives honour to the choir is the youth of its members (about forty-five), who use some of their spare time to the study of music which requires receptivity, interpretative carefulness, accuracy and convergence on a common artistic aim, own sacrifice and refusal of the banal amusement the current society offers them.

The choir accompanied the solemn Holy Mass of midnight at the Rosazzo Abbey and it was asked to perform its peculiar repertory in St. Francis Church and in the Cathedral of Cividale, on the occasion of the introductions of the artistic calendars the Bank of Cividale publishes yearly since many years. They collect pictures of the artistic heritage and paintings of a number of local churches, creating a fitting fusion between medieval songs and images, leading the audience back to the past.

The choir, along with the Civic Administration of Cividale, collaborated with the organization of the concerts of "No Borders Music".

In the 2000 Mittelfest edition the choir took part, as a choir as well as a theatre appearance, to the opening show: "The Cheese and the Worms", taken from Carlo Ginsburg's test under Giorgio Pressburger's direction, a performance which was repeated regionally in Rome (ancient Ostia) and in Split (Croatia).