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Sources for the elaboration of the logo: it is referred to the letter "a" from the Tamil alphabet (Tamil Nadu, State of Tamil, capital city Madras, Indian Union), that belongs to the Dravidic languages and is used by communities and emigrates (50 million people) everywhere on earth: from India to France and South Africa.

Tamil alphabet and writing are very old.

This reference comes for several reasons: the ancientness of the alphabet, the shape of the "a" letter, which seems like our "h" letter and allows a visual and interpretative game with the musical notation, the global spread of the Tamil alphabet, even starting from such a remote geographical collocation and from a cultural root that is different from the western one.

The curve lines on the left recall the violin clef, whose mark is a transformation of the medieval notation (G letter) which indicates the note sol.

The two dots, along with the curve lines on the left side, recall the bass clef (let's imagine that the two dots are set on the fourth line of the pentagram on which the fa is written).

Michele Drascek